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How to Order

Currently, you can place your order via the following methods :

Please note that:
  • We will confirm your order via the channel you chose to order.
  • We kindly ask for 24-48 HOURS notice to bake your orders FRESH, but please do contact us if you have an urgent order and we do our best to accommodate.
  • We offer FREE DELIVERY for orders above $150 (otherwise its a fixed fee of $15 only), 7 days a week island-wide.
  • Pies are all delivered COOKED with the option of HOT, CHILLED OR FROZEN.

We look forward to receiving your orders. 🙂

Our Famous Style of Pies

Our pies are made from the FRESHEST ingredients (vegetables & chicken) sourced LOCALLY (Beef and Lamb) sourced from AUSTRALIA & NEW ZEALAND

Made by a SINGAPOREAN company in SINGAPORE, our signature pies are created based on the popularity of the AUSTRALIAN & BRITISH style pies, which is basically deep-dished and is filled with hearty content. Recipes come from TRADITIONAL family recipes since the 1940’s, especially with the inherited pastry recipes handed down 3 generations.


Our Menu


* = Contains Pork or Pork Product
# = Alcohol included in the cooking process


Pies are available in Hearty, Snack & Canape size. Ask us if you need a special pie customization or request.

Approximate Pie sizes are in diameter and weight as follows:

  • Hearty – 11cm (250-300gm)
  • Snack – 8cm (130-165gm)
  • Canape – 6cm (75gm) 
  • Customised

All are “deep dish” pies or often called a “High Pie” as they are taller than a regular pie (4cm tall). 

We also offer mash potato, mushy pea, coleslaw, garden salad, potato salad and gravy as add-ons to our delicious pies.


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