Chicken & Leek Pie – Canapé


Our Chicken & Leek pie is cooked with fresh local chicken and leek, infused with fresh herbs and spices. We added thick cream to the mixture at the end to give it a full creamier flavour.


Pie Name:

Chicken & Leek Pie – Canape


Canape size 6cm in diameter, high-pie at 4cm deep and approx 75gm


Chicken, leek, milk, salt, herbs & spices, cornflour,  butter, flour, egg.

Allergy Warning:

May contain nuts, stabilizers.  Not gluten free.

Delivery Details:

Delivery is free for total orders over $50 otherwise $15. Canape min 20 units in total incl. min 5 per flavour. Snack min 5 per flavour. Special Orders (please contact us to confirm).

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